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Hey there, hi, hello.

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Oh, hi there! Welcome to my bloggy-blog. I can guarantee at least one point in time you'll be wondering, why the f am I here? I feel ya! I'd love to help you figure it out, but I don't know either 😂 🤷‍♀️

This blog has no real purpose, outside of the fact that I have a lot of thoughts and need a condensed area to free them into the world. Some posts will be about family, travel and kid stuff. Some will be life reflections because every now and then I think I've had some kind of epiphany that I need to share. Sometimes it'll be related to my actually line of work (marketing! social media! design!). I may get political at times (sorry not sorry). The possibilities are endless.

I know that's not really how blogs are supposed to work. I'm supposed to find my niche and run with it. But I've never really been a go-with-the-grain type of person, I have no specific niche, and I have ADHD so my brain just doesn't work like that. Welcome to the chaos.

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