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Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Something you may not know about me is that I suffer from chronic neck pain. If you know me personally, you already know that, because it's basically part of my personality. What is the cause of said neck pain?

Some might say it's because my almost 5-year old treats me like his own personal jungle gym, literally wrapping himself around my neck and hanging on it like the human embodiment of a sloth. Maybe it's because I work from home and instead of sitting at a desk properly, I drag my laptop from couch to kitchen table to bed to patio and sit hunched over staring at the screen. Perhaps it's because when I have spare time I stare mindlessly down at my phone scrolling TikTok until my eyes glaze over. While I admit much of it is likely self-inflicted by lack of boundaries or willpower, I also think there's some hormonal, genetic, and physical components at play.

Along with my multi-faceted neck pain that is clearly not my own fault 👀 I also have a slight obsession with purchasing just about any product that promises to relieve said neck pain, even though most of the time I'm happy with my handy dandy heat pack over anything else.

So, because I have made the financially irresponsible decision to impulse buy all of these things, I thought I'd share my honest feedback in case anyone else also wants to go down a rabbit hole of pain relief.

I'm obligated to say that if there are links posted here and you click on them, I could get a small (and I mean teeny-tiny) commission if you make a purchase, but that won't sway my reviews either way. Honest Abe all the way over here.

So without further ado... here is my honest review of the following neck pain relief products:

Are you looking for Neck Pain Relief Products?

Oh, I had such high hopes for this fella. Finding a good pillow is the never-ending quest of my life. The quality of this pillow was great, and in the package the company included the option for another free insert if you need it, which I thought was cool (I'm a sucker for a freebie). It's very comfortable to lay on initially, but I woke up with a stiff neck - which, yes, that's common, but it was a different kind of stiff. In all honesty, it maybe could have went away if I kept up with it, but I don't like pain so I gave up relatively quickly. It is advertised for side and stomach sleepers as well, but I feel after laying on it that it would be better suited for someone who either sleeps on their back or sleeps in the other positions, but stays put. I do not do that. I flail all over the place and have my sleep interrupted by the aforementioned 4 year old sloth, so it didn't seem to work well for me. I want to be clear again though that I do think this is a good pillow - it's comfortable, cooling, and presents as advertised. It just didn't work for me personally! (Get it here $35.69)

I love this one! This is a handheld neck massager that, as pictured, you situate on the back of your neck and then use the handles in the front to guide direction and pressure. It's a simple product, but does the trick! It gives that good pain that lets you know it's putting in work on your muscles. It's also very affordable and easy to tuck away under a desk to grab for a midday massage if the need arises.

(Get it here: $18.99)

This one is pretty legit. It's a bit big and bulky, but honestly... same. Kindred spirits, this massager and I. It's a great option for when you are sitting down to veg out at the end of the day and can just plug it in and zone out on the couch with it going to town on your neck. I love the heat option, the massaging balls put in work and it truly does feel great. Because I am lazy and value convenience over my own well-being, I don't use it nearly as often as I should, but it is a solid purchase if you suffer from neck or shoulder pain. (Get it here: $45.99)

I had my eye on one of these for a long time and finally took the plunge after a chiropractor also suggested I try a product like this. I always feel like my muscles are so tense and wound tight, and this cervical traction device gives it a nice stretch that feels really nice! It would be beneficial to use for small chunks of time on a frequent basis for the best long term outcome.

(Get it here: $15.98)

Meet your best friend in times of trouble. I have a love/hate relationship with this massager, but the benefits far outweigh the negatives for me personally so I'll never give it up.

My husband actually purchased this for me as a surprise so I didn't really know anything about it. I tossed that bad boy on my neck without a care in the world (and without reading about it) and was shocked - literally - at the outcome. I didn't want to admit it to him, but I was not a fan at first. I didn't realize by 'electric pulses' it meant I'd feel like I was being stabbed and shocked repeatedly. Full disclosure - I have no idea if I was even doing it right so don't let that scare you away. I avoided using it for the longest time until I woke up with some of the most severe neck pain I've ever had. On top of my normal every day neck pain I had one of those incredibly stiff necks you get from sleeping wrong, the kind where you can barely move your head to the side. Not a single damn thing helped - no amount of ice, heat, ibuprofen, rest, nada! I finally busted this sucker out and put it on there. I maneuvered it around until it was hitting the right muscle area and OH. MY. GOD. My entire neck was tensing and jerking with the sensation of it working its magic on my muscles. It hurt but felt good and more than anything I was fascinated by how it was making my body react involuntarily. It was similar to a machine the chiropractor had used on me in the past. When it took it off I was shocked to find that I could turn my head again and the pain had decreased substantially. I couldn't believe it! So it's my permanent homie now! It's like the top boss that gets called when all the lower management decide to call it quits - I only use it when I really feel like I need it because boy does it work, but it's not necessarily enjoyable to use on a regular basis. (Get it here: $69.99)

This one isn't for everyone, but boy is it for me! This works best if you can lay on it with bare skin and without the risk of small children jumping on top of you while you're laying on it. I recommend starting for short periods of time and working your way up, but it feels great on both my neck and my back! This is another product that would be beneficial used frequently for long term benefits. (Get it here: $35.99)

Ahhh, the pièce de résistance. THE MVP. Ol reliable, the microwaveable heating pack. I love a heat pack. They are my answer for everything. Headache? Heat pack. Stomach ache? Heat pack. Cramps? Heat pack. Feeling kind of meh? Heat pack. If I could dress up a heat pack and take it to a ball, I would do it. If I had to choose five things to take on a deserted island I would have to include a heat pack, a microwave and a solar powered generator so I would never be without one. I have "HEAT PACK" tattooed across my chest. Okay, that's not true, but I just need the world to know how amazing a good heat pack truly is. To be completely transparent, my favorite heat packs are the simple, cheap ones that have corn or rice in them. Toss them in the microwave for 2.5 mins and sweet, weighted heat coming your way. (Cons: they smell funky. If you're ever around me and smell burnt popcorn, no you don't.) But this large and in charge heat pack is also amazing, especially for days when the tension has creeped past my head and neck and into my shoulders and upper back. The one linked here is unscented but the one I have smells like lovely lavender and provides a heated pressure to your neck and shoulders that is oh so delightful. Technically you can also toss it in the freezer for cold therapy, but I always stick with heat (is that correct? no idea, but can't stop, won't stop.) I highly suggest some kind of heat pack for anyone who suffers from frequent tension or pain - or basically any living person - because they are just that great. (Get it here: $29.50)

So that's it. That's the list. If I stumble across forgotten items around my house (there's a good chance) I will update, but hopefully you've found something here that is helpful for you! If you have found something different that works well for your neck/tension pain, let me know! Guarantee I'll try it! 😂

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Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Oh, hi there! Welcome to my bloggy-blog. I can guarantee at least one point in time you'll be wondering, why the f am I here? I feel ya! I'd love to help you figure it out, but I don't know either 😂 🤷‍♀️

This blog has no real purpose, outside of the fact that I have a lot of thoughts and need a condensed area to free them into the world. Some posts will be about family, travel and kid stuff. Some will be life reflections because every now and then I think I've had some kind of epiphany that I need to share. Sometimes it'll be related to my actually line of work (marketing! social media! design!). I may get political at times (sorry not sorry). The possibilities are endless.

I know that's not really how blogs are supposed to work. I'm supposed to find my niche and run with it. But I've never really been a go-with-the-grain type of person, I have no specific niche, and I have ADHD so my brain just doesn't work like that. Welcome to the chaos.

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